Venturing into our Past - 2024

Diane Goldin, Editor

Venturing into our Past is JGSCV's monthly newsletter distributed to all members. It is a great way to stay in touch with issues of importance to Jewish genealogy.

March 2024 (Volume 19, Issue 6):
  • A Tribute to our out-going president, Jan Meisels Allen
  • Highlights from: "How a Record Match Almost Led Me to an Insane Asylum"
  • My 5th Great Grandfather's Name
  • Practicing Safe Computing #100: Data breach awareness
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends
February 2024 (Volume 19, Issue 5):
  • Highlights from: "Dr. Janette Silverman presents: 'The Mysterious John Jones'"
  • Genetic Genealogy: Update Your Knowledge-Base
  • Practicing Safe Computing #99: Finding your iPhone, Android, and more
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends
January 2024 (Volume 19, Issue 4):
  • Highlights from: "Practicing Safe Computing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)"
  • Practicing Safe Computing #98: Password Managers, a 2024 update
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends