Venturing into our Past - 2020

Allan Linderman, Editor

Venturing into our Past is JGSCV's monthly newsletter distributed to all members. It is a great way to stay in touch with issues of importance to Jewish genealogy.

September 2020 (Volume 15, Issue 12):
  • California Newspapers Ready to Browse
  • National Library of Israel Loses Funding and Closes Its Doors for Now
  • Highlights from: IAJGS 40th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
  • Free Resources For Teachers, Students and Parents
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Practicing Safe Computing #58: Vishing (Voice phishing)
  • Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War ll
  • 75th Anniversary of Victory in Japan Day (V-J Day)
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends
  • JGSCV Members' Family Stories
August 2020 (Volume 15, Issue 11):
  • Permission to Access a Killing Site
  • How Our Ancestors Stayed Safe at Home
  • Celebrating the Centennial of the 19th Amendment
  • Highlights from: "The 1950 U.S. Census for Genealogists"
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Newly Elected IAJGS Board
  • The IAJGS Virtual Conference 10-13 August 2020
  • Practicing Safe Computing #57: Ransomware in the Age of COVID-19
  • Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War ll
  • JGSCV Members' Family Stories
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends
  • Brooklyn (NYC) Historical Society Adds Maps
July 2020 (Volume 15, Issue 10):
  • IAJGS 40th International Conference will be virtual
  • webinars during July
  • NEHGS presents "Jews in the Catskills During & After the Holocaust"
  • Legacy Family Tree list of free classes
  • NARA Virtual Genealogy Fair
  • Highlights from: "My Family: I Could Write a Book"
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Amazon and JGSCV
  • The IAJGS Virtual Conference 10-13 August 2020
  • Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War ll
  • Practicing Safe Computing #56: Practicing Safe Zoom
  • Family Stories
  • How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way We Do Our Genealogy Research
June 2020 (Volume 15, Issue 9):
  • June 7 Meeting is Cancelled
  • DNA Global Census of the Jewish People Updated
  • 21 Day Family Connections Experiment for "Shelter at Home"
  • The Stories Will Keep Us Close
  • How Many Horowitz Streets Can YOU Locate?
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War ll
  • Practicing Safe Computing #55: COVID-19 Statistics
  • 75th Anniversary of VE Day and 76th Anniversary of D-Day Invasion
  • Revised Date for Premiere of New DNA-Genealogy Television Show "The Genetic Detective"
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends
May 2020 (Volume 15, Issue 8):
  • May 3 Meeting is Cancelled
  • Genealogy Research At Home Edition
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II
  • New DNA-Genealogy Television Show To Premiere May 19th
  • Ancestry-Sponsored New Television Series "Roots Less Traveled"
  • Practicing Safe Computing #54: Credit Card Skimming
  • Yom Hashoah
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends
April 2020 (Volume 15, Issue 7):
  • April 6 & May 3 Meetings are Cancelled
  • Supplement Your Seder
  • Academic Science and Genealogy Are Daniel's Passions
  • Leap Year
  • Exploring Family History Daily
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Highlights from: "Comparing Jewish Resources on Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast, MyHeritage and JewishGen"
  • Practicing Safe Computing #53: Avoiding COVID-19 Scams
  • The 19th Amendment - 100 Years of Women's Suffrage
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends
March 2020 (Volume 15, Issue 6):
  • Origins of Queen Esther: Not for the Young
  • Queens and the Bronx Naturalization Records
  • Best Practices: What a Yizkor Book Can Reveal
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Highlights from: JGSCV's Assisted Research Day at the Los Angeles Family Search Library
  • Practicing Safe Computing #52: You've Got DNA Matches
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends
  • Arolsen Archives' New Tool
  • MyHeritage Offers Free Colorization of Black & White Photos
February 2020 (Volume 15, Issue 5):
  • New Wedding Tradition?
  • Creating "Relative" Interest in Genealogy
  • JGSCV Updates
  • Highlights from: "American Shtetl - Recreating a Jewish Community in the American West"
  • Practicing Safe Computing #51: USB Recharging Cord and Bluetooth Risks
  • Preparing for the Exclusive Research Afternoon at the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends
January 2020 (Volume 15, Issue 4):
  • Check-List in a Changing Field
  • WWII Refugees in the Indian Ocean
  • The Feast of Lights by Emma Lazarus
  • JGSCV Updates
  • New JGSCV Board Elected
  • Highlights from: "FamilySearch Historical Collections: Tips and Tricks"
  • Practicing Safe Computing #50: Discovering If You Have Been pwned
  • JGSCV 2019 Chanukah/Membership Gift Winners
  • Genealogy Odds and Ends
  • Pledge for Holocaust Survivors
  • Top Online Tools for Genealogists