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Sunday, September 11, 2022, presentation from 1:30-3:30 PM PDT. No "Ask the Experts" session this month.

"Virtual Tour of the New York City Tenement Museum Focusing on a Jewish Family from Early 1900s"

The Rogarshevsky family are a Jewish American family from Lithuania who moved to the Lower East Side in New York. The parents, Fannie and Abraham, raised six children in 97 Orchard Street, balancing work, family, and their religious faith during the 1910s. This tour will consider the difficulties of factory work through the experiences of the family's teenage daughters, and learn about labor unions, working conditions, and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Just like an on-site building tour, a Tenement Museum Educator will virtually guide you through their home and discuss how the family balanced their traditions with working outside the home at garment factories across the city.

About the Museum: The Tenement Museum provides many opportunities to understand the experiences of immigrants and migrants, and the fundamental role they play in defining our national identity. The museum's two historic buildings were home to thousands of residents in the Lower East Side neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. Since 1988, the museum has forged emotional connections between visitors and immigrants & migrants past and present, through educator-led tours of its historic tenement buildings and the surrounding neighborhood. The museum has become one of New York City's preeminent cultural and educational institutions.

[Rogarshevsky apartment photo]

Rogarshevsky apartment

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